Blogging Around The Globe

As I was sitting here bored at work *sigh*, I decided to look into fashion bloggers from different parts of the country; New York, DC, Chicago, The Dirty South and California to be exact. Then I said “Why limit myself to the U.S.?” So I took a virtal stroll over up to Canada and across the pond to the U.K. Sit back and enjoy a stylish trip around the globe via the fashion junkie herself, Brooke Michelle 🙂 …



1. The Glamourai

2. Fashion Bananas

3. Atlantic-Pacific

4. My Style Pill




1. The Stylelust Pages 

2. Spicy Candy DC

Pinned Image 

3. So Much To Smile About

So Much to Smile About 

4. The Daileigh

the daileigh 

1. Gabi Fresh

2. See Jane Work Live Play 
3. Ellebow Room 
4. Blonde Bedhead

Pinned Image 
The Dirty South
1. The Shoe Gawker (Miami)

2. Pinque Blog (Charlotte)

3.Tulip Louise (Arkansas) 
Now, let’s take a trip to the West Coast… 
1. Karla’s Closet

Pinned Image 
2. The Lifestyled Blog

Pinned Image 
3. Frankie Hearts Fashion 
4. This Time Tomorrow 

How about we move on up to Canada aye??? 
1. A Fashion Love Affair 
2. Bleed For Fashion

3. To Vogue Or Bust

Pinned Image 
4. Styling My Life 
And last, but certainly not least, let’s hop across the pond to the U.K… 
1. 5 Inch and Up 
2. Constance-Victoria 
3. Wish Wish Wish 

Whewww, that was quite the trip (but well worth it, wouldn’t you agree??) I hope you guys found a blog (or 2 or 6 :D) that you would like to explore more. Thanks for taking this virtual trip around the fashion blogging world with me!! ❤

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