Blogging Around The Globe

As I was sitting here bored at work *sigh*, I decided to look into fashion bloggers from different parts of the country; New York, DC, Chicago, The Dirty South and California to be exact. Then I said “Why limit myself to the U.S.?” So I took a virtal stroll over up to Canada and across the pond to the U.K. Sit back and enjoy a stylish trip around the globe via the fashion junkie herself, Brooke Michelle 🙂 …



1. The Glamourai

2. Fashion Bananas

3. Atlantic-Pacific

4. My Style Pill




1. The Stylelust Pages 

2. Spicy Candy DC

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3. So Much To Smile About

So Much to Smile About 

4. The Daileigh

the daileigh 

1. Gabi Fresh

2. See Jane Work Live Play 
3. Ellebow Room 
4. Blonde Bedhead

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The Dirty South
1. The Shoe Gawker (Miami)

2. Pinque Blog (Charlotte)

3.Tulip Louise (Arkansas) 
Now, let’s take a trip to the West Coast… 
1. Karla’s Closet

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2. The Lifestyled Blog

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3. Frankie Hearts Fashion 
4. This Time Tomorrow 

How about we move on up to Canada aye??? 
1. A Fashion Love Affair 
2. Bleed For Fashion

3. To Vogue Or Bust

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4. Styling My Life 
And last, but certainly not least, let’s hop across the pond to the U.K… 
1. 5 Inch and Up 
2. Constance-Victoria 
3. Wish Wish Wish 

Whewww, that was quite the trip (but well worth it, wouldn’t you agree??) I hope you guys found a blog (or 2 or 6 :D) that you would like to explore more. Thanks for taking this virtual trip around the fashion blogging world with me!! ❤

A Lil’ Sum Sum

Untitled #88

Christopher Kane short silk dress
$2,060 –

Brian atwood shoes

$570 –

Blogs I Love: Style Blazer

Being an African-American female, I love to come across urban style blogs that find a way to mix street style, celebrity fashion and high fashion alike; Style Blazer is one of them. Deeming itself “The #1 Fashion Obsession”, Style Blazer stays up-to-date with what’s going on, from the street to the red carpet. I have a lot of different style inspirations, and I can always count on them to have what I’m looking for, whether it be a $30 skirt from Target or an article about the newest pair of Miu Miu slingbacks. Check it out and see what you think!!!

Sites I Adore: Sugarlips

Sugarlips is a site I just became familiar with after seeing their banner on another blog. I clicked on the link and was pleased with what I saw. The clothes on this site have a fun, girly feel to them but also you can find things that are going to make you standout (and I a big fan of mixing girly with a little edge). I am still ogling their site as we speak *lol*, go over and check it out if you haven’t already!!!

I Dream Of Jeanie

Keeping with the trend of people who’s style I lust over, let’s talk about Ms. Jeanie Mai.

Jeanie Mai

For those of you not familiar with her, she hosts a makeover/lifestyle show on the Style Network called How Do I Look, which takes women who’s styles & lives need an overhaul and help them find outfits that fit their bodies as well as who they really are inside. Jeanie always has a very sophisticated, classy look, but always manages to find a way to add an edge to it, whether it be blue streaks in her hair to spikes on her wrists.

I was interested to find that Jeanie has a slew of other jobs added to her resume’. She started out as a makeup artist for MAC and worked her way up to painting the faces of celebs like Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilara (to name a few).

A communications major in college, she soon began auditioning for local television stations, and landed a job hosting her own music countdown. She gained attention with her style and kooky personality, and soon landed a job as an entertainment reporter and producer of a show on the WB. These jobs snowballed into the career she has today, and the “Fashion Wearapist” has built quite the book of credentials.


Jeanie also dabbles in philanthropy, making missions trips to Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Heartbeat Vietnam, a nonprofit organization, helps improve health care for poverty-stricken children. She also works with Dress For Success, Sister To Sister and Seven Bar just to name a few. She also uses her red carpet appearences to support up and coming designers by wearing their looks.


Jeanie can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to her style, and she is a good example that dressing with class does not translate to stiff and boring. Her style has inspired many of my looks, I hope you find inspiration in Jeanie too!!!

Outfits I Adore: Gold, Sparkles &Frills

This outfit is too cute for words ❤

Pinned Image

This outfit is so girly and fun. I’m such a fan of gold, so this shirt has me swooning… The skirt is the perfect lightweight material for these hot summer days. While the velvet blazer  may be a little hot for the weather right now, it is adorable (the shirt brings the buttons out so well); I would still go for a blazer, but a cotton one would be better suited for the summer. Paired with a cute pair of neon purple pointy toe pumps for a pop of color (like these from Casadei)I think the outfit would be gorgeous 🙂