I Dream Of Jeanie

Keeping with the trend of people who’s style I lust over, let’s talk about Ms. Jeanie Mai.

Jeanie Mai

For those of you not familiar with her, she hosts a makeover/lifestyle show on the Style Network called How Do I Look, which takes women who’s styles & lives need an overhaul and help them find outfits that fit their bodies as well as who they really are inside. Jeanie always has a very sophisticated, classy look, but always manages to find a way to add an edge to it, whether it be blue streaks in her hair to spikes on her wrists.

I was interested to find that Jeanie has a slew of other jobs added to her resume’. She started out as a makeup artist for MAC and worked her way up to painting the faces of celebs like Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilara (to name a few).

A communications major in college, she soon began auditioning for local television stations, and landed a job hosting her own music countdown. She gained attention with her style and kooky personality, and soon landed a job as an entertainment reporter and producer of a show on the WB. These jobs snowballed into the career she has today, and the “Fashion Wearapist” has built quite the book of credentials.


Jeanie also dabbles in philanthropy, making missions trips to Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Heartbeat Vietnam, a nonprofit organization, helps improve health care for poverty-stricken children. She also works with Dress For Success, Sister To Sister and Seven Bar just to name a few. She also uses her red carpet appearences to support up and coming designers by wearing their looks.


Jeanie can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to her style, and she is a good example that dressing with class does not translate to stiff and boring. Her style has inspired many of my looks, I hope you find inspiration in Jeanie too!!!

Emily B. Killin’ ‘Em

Since I started watching Love & Hip Hop last year, I’ve admired Emily B (celebrity stylist & girlfriend of rapper Fabolous) for her style. Today I came across a pic she posted on her Instagram of her wearing a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti high-top wedge sneakers that had me drooling on the screen 😀 They run about $650 and are sold at Bergdorf Goodman. I would definately rock them, what do you think??

My Inspiration: June Ambrose

I remember watching something on MTV a few years back, a documentary on Jay Z I believe, & I just happened to look up from the fashion mag I was flipping through & there she was; the style guru herself, June Ambrose. I fell in love with everything about her style & have followed her and her work ever since. She is the reason that I decided I wanted to become a stylist. Living in a small town, sometimes being different & pushing the boundaries with your style can get you looked at like you should be locked up in a looney bin *tee hee*, but I never paid attention to what people said. When I saw her, it showed me how far being and individual can take you. So I guess I want to say thank you Mrs. Ambrose, for inspiring me to pursue my passion…

June Ambrose, Style Guru