10 Random Facts About Me

1. I have an 18-month old son named Isaiah who is the love of my life 🙂

2. I’m absolutely terrified of clowns!!!

3. I’m addicted to chewing bubblegum (but I always swallow it 0-O), animal-print & the colors red, purple & black

4. I LOVE movies (horror & comedy are my favorites)

5. I will be attending DCFW in the fall 

6. I’m 5’5″

7. I have a collection of about 800 fashion mags I’ve amassed over the years

8.My favorite stylist is June Ambrose

9. I have one sister named Tamu

10. I’m from the eastern shore of Maryland


My Nail Addictions

One nail trend that I’ve taken a liking to is splatter nails. This look is good for anyone who wants something a little different from the norm, something a little funky. It looks good with jeans and a t-shirt or a night out with the girls.

Another trend that I’m going crazy over is stiletto nails. Rihanna is the first person I remember seeing them on, and now a lot of people seem to be following her lead. I personally plan to try the stiletto nails during my next trip to the salon. You can’t go wrong with either of these stylish looks.

Introducing…. Brooke Michelle


For awhile now, fashion has been more than just clothes and shoes to me. It has been an escape from the real world, my friend, my comfort, and most importantly, my voice. I believe a person’s style is one of the best ways to see who that person really is. A person’s style is a reflection of their personality, something that belongs only to them. There was a time that I wanted to blend in, when standing out from the crowd terrified me. Issues with my weight made me feel anything but beautiful. There were times when events in my life left me feeling lost & I was at a point where I was searching for myself; then I really started paying attention to trends, engrossing myself in magazines and fashion blogs and I said “Brooke,you desreve to feel beautiful”. I asked myself “What is your style?” That question sent me on a journey of self-discovery, and I found who I really was; unique, chic, smart & bold. A small-town girl in love with couture and runways. Fashion may be materialistic to som, but to me, its a lifeline. Welcome, fashion junkies, to my world…