My 10 Must-Haves

Here are 10 things I must have in my purse at all times:

1.Lip Gloss

2. Makeup bag

3.Cell phone

4. Gum (preferably bubble gum)

5. Sanitizer/Lotion

6.Comb & brush

7. Compact

8. An Extra Set of Earrings

9. Car Keys

10. Makeup brushes


My Nail Addictions

One nail trend that I’ve taken a liking to is splatter nails. This look is good for anyone who wants something a little different from the norm, something a little funky. It looks good with jeans and a t-shirt or a night out with the girls.

Another trend that I’m going crazy over is stiletto nails. Rihanna is the first person I remember seeing them on, and now a lot of people seem to be following her lead. I personally plan to try the stiletto nails during my next trip to the salon. You can’t go wrong with either of these stylish looks.